Guidelines For Outdoor Weddings

Capturing your wedding pictures on a bright day needs acquired skills from the photography. Hire a photographer who knows how to use the wind at his advantage and take natural shots. In addition, the pictures he takes should not look bleached or make the couple look pale. Your wedding pictures should include attractive pictures of the outdoor venue in a natural setting.

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Drinks and food

Make sure your guests are not left feeling thirsty. Ask the caterers to keep the drinks going throughout the ceremony. In addition, the food served should warm and the caterers should ensure that food remains fresh in the outdoors. Your guests should get a wide variety of dishes that keeps guests in the mood of the wedding.

Weather report

You can’t predict the weather conditions until 24 hours before your wedding. Keep in touch with the weather department and pray that the sunny side is up on your wedding day. It is advisable to that tents are set up so that it can stand up to gusty winds and not spoil the cheerful ambience of the wedding.

Wedding decorations

Interestingly, wedding decorations in the outdoors is little as the natural beauty of the location adds the aesthetic flavour. But, most of the decorations are made of flowers, potted plants and shrubs around the venue. Adding fairy lights or string lights add on colour to the venue. Even if the lights are not used, they look great as a wedding decoration. You can even add a casino theme to your wedding reception.

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