Health Hazards And Safety Risks Associated With Painting Service

If you aspire to join the painting industry, it is important to learn the safety risks and health hazards that come with the job. This insight arms you with information of what to expect. Knowing the dangers associated with job, you will not regret making the decision a few years down the line.

While house painting has its fair share of challenges, commercial painters face more risks as compared to their domestic counterparts. Explore the following points and learn possible solutions to the problems.

Exposure to hazardous fumes

All paints are manufactured using chemicals. Therefore, they contain dangerous compounds such as lead, mercury and petroleum products. As you paint walls and other surfaces, the paint releases chemical fumes in the air. If you ingest them in, the toxins are absolved into the body’s respiratory or digestive systems.

Your internal organs face a lethal threat due to the presence of such toxins. Especially when you do house painting without protective gear, you expose your lungs, kidneys, and heart to dangerous conditions such as kidney failure and lung cancer and respiratory challenges. Other harmful conditions include lymphoma, leukemia, and lung cancer.

Exposure to flammable substances

Most paints and associated solvents are highly flammable. If you paint surfaces near a source of fire such as an oven or a lit cigarette, you risk causing serious bodily injuries and damage to property. In this regard, ensure that all gas ovens, electrical ranges, and cookers are turned off.

While you should avoid smoking during the exercise, do not use oil-based paints on roofs especially in extremely hot weather.

Exposure to molds and insects

House painting exercises normally take painters to corners of the house where molds and mildew grow. If you breathe in the air around these pollutants, you are likely to suffer from allergies and breathing difficulties.

Molds thrive in moist conditions such as house basements and under chimneys. In addition, painters usually come across stinging insects such as bees and wasps hiding at confined corners. The bites can cause considerable bodily harm.

Working in awkward positions

Painters need to access high walls to apply a uniform coat of paint. As it can be dangerous accessing high ground using ladders, painters can suffer from serious body injuries after occasional falls. At the same time, you will need to go through confined spaces to access hidden surfaces that need painting.

House painting occasionally exposes painters to stress due to the lengthy repetitive procedures. If you stand during most painting sessions, you can suffer from muscle injury. You are also at risk of getting harm from falling objects, lifting heavy objects, and loud noises from construction sites and other places.

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