The Benefits of Panel Glides

Elegance and sophistication can be added to a home or office by installing panel glides. The glides are best installed in huge windows and these can also be used as room dividers. So if you are searching for ways on how you can divide a room without looking boring, then the glides are your best option. You do not have to spend too much money on breaking down the walls because the panel glides can be installed so a room can be made into two. The rollers and roman styles of window coverings do not provide the flat panels of materials that glide smoothly across the windows or dividers as the panels do. Listed below are the many benefits of using glides for big windows and as a room divider:

1) The panel glides are available in many different kinds of fabrics. You can choose whatever color you prefer and the thickness of the fabric, too. The texture of the fabrics, the colors and the combinations of patterns can be custom-made according to your taste. It is also available in block out material or the screen material. The block out is for those who prefer not to see the exteriors while the screen type provides shade but the exteriors are still visible from the inside.

2) The panel glides are very easy to use. The slide makes it easy to open and close the glide. What’s more? The glides have child safety features that prevent children from being tangled with the strings. The glides can be operated through the use of a wand so children cannot accidentally hurt themselves. The modern designs of glides allow these to be opened in the center stack or from either left or right stack area. Thus, the glides are very easy to operate.

3) The panel glides are perfect for those who have glass sliding doors in their homes. You can still maintain your privacy as the glides can serve as sliding door protector. The panel glides look trendier than curtains, with glides, you can have the option if you want a complete black out or the screen type so you can still see what is going on outside but with the protection from the harsh sunlight or even the bright lights at night time.

4) The panel glides can be made if you prefer with battens or not.

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