Choose a Pedicure Service

It takes some guts and elicits a lot of girlie giggles, but is worth the adventure as it cures feet eczema and psoriasis. You have to dip your legs from knee downwards in a tank filled with thousands of doctor/nibbler fish, scientifically known as garra rufa. These Middle Eastern native fishes nibble at your feet and eat up all the dead and dry skin. But don’t worry, these nibbler fishes aren’t like those ferocious piranhas and you will rather enjoy the relaxing ‘nibbling’ experience.

Pedicure Manicure calms your body and gives remedy to your skin with elegance you need.

Stone Pedicures

The emphasis here is on massage that brings about deep relaxation. The aesthetician will massage fragrant oils onto your legs and feet with the help of oil coated hot stones. This will be followed by the regular pedicure procedures.

Paraffin Pedicures

Your legs and feet will be thickly coated with a heavy moisturiser and wrapped with layers and layers of molten paraffin wax. You may either have to soak your feet in the wax or the aesthetician will apply the wax on your feet. The wax will be allowed to dry up. Then the aesthetician will peel it away. This intensely hydrating treatment is highly beneficial for dry, cracked heels and feet.

Wine and chocolate pedicures are offered by almost all expensive and mid range salons nowadays. They are different in the sense that you have to dip your feet in wine or chocolate. The rest of the processes are the same. A wine pedicure can make the skin on your legs and feet glow, so it might be ideal before a big party where you intend to wear a short evening dress.