Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip, trip, and fall mishaps owing to spills or slippery surfaces can lead to minor or major personal injuries. Trip or slip accidents are quite common in workplaces, shopping centres, plazas and malls, community facilities like parks and playgrounds. If you have been injured because of a fall or slip in someone else’s premises, you have the right to claim damages from the owner. Personal injury lawyers are the legal representatives who can help establish the defendants’ negligence.

Occasions leading to falls and slips

There are numerous occasions or situations that might lead to a trip, fall or slip. You might accidently trip or slip while climbing the staircase in your office or coming down the steps. You might suffer a fall while you’re coming down or going up the escalator in a shopping mall or in a tubular railway station.

You may stumble or trip on an obstacle on the footpath or the kerb beside a public highway. You might trip while walking over a slippery surface. Insufficient or poor lighting, wet floors, and tattered carpeting can also lead to slip or trip mishaps. In almost all cases of slips, falls or trips, you tend to lose traction resulting in the mishap.

Therefore, more often than not, the defendants get the benefit of doubt and are successful in absolving themselves from paying any penalty or damages as it becomes extremely difficult for the victim to pinpoint the property owner’s carelessness. Personal Injury Lawyers can help you resolve the case.

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