Physiotherapy for Calf Strain

When the muscle at the back of the leg below the knee is damaged due to strain or force, this condition is known as calf strain. This happens due to over use of the muscles or to sports persons who participate in jumping, running, tennis, football, or other such sports which require quick acceleration from a standing position. It can also happen while exercising when the muscle is over stretched.


The main and most obvious symptom for calf strain is pain in the lower leg. Other symptoms are:

Aching and stiffness early in the morning


Inability to move after sitting or standing for some time

In severe cases there can be muscle spasms


The severity is typically categorized into 3 grades. Grade 1 is a minor problem with a small tear. This does not usually hamper the day to day activities. Grade 2 is more severe and the patient may feel a sharp pain on movement. In grade 3 all the muscle fibres are torn, the pain is intense with swelling and limping.

Frequency of Exercises

The number of times you do the specified exercises is largely dictated by your knee-condition after surgery.

Ask CBD physiotherapist if what is the recommendable strengthening exercises that need to be done. But most of them would tell you to do it every alternate day, or thrice a week – non-consecutively.

In the beginning, no more than five repetitions of each exercise should be done. As and when the pain in the knee beginsto fade, increase the repetetions – maximum 10 to 15 in a set.