What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are window treatments that can be used indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for areas with hot and humid climate. Whilst they generally cost a bit more than blinds and shades, these window coverings are an investment for both the comfort and aesthetic value of any space. Typically made out of wood, these can last for a long time.

Plantation Shutters

What makes it different?

Unlike regular blinds and shades, this type of window treatment lets air freely inside the room. These are made from large slats that are spaced far away from each other. They operate via hinges that run through both sides of the frame. They are installed directly onto the opening, making them a part of the window.

Because the slats are spaced so far apart, they allow air to circulate around any room, which is ideal for places where temperatures run high! They give users the option to use natural daylight. When closed shut, they completely block out the sun.

It has a deep history

This type of shutter has been around for centuries. They were originally invented in Ancient Greece, where they were made of marble. Because they were so expensive, its use was only available to the elite. However, as woodworking technology advanced, it became more accessible to regular folk.

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Because of its beautiful design and functionality, the design spread throughout Europe. It eventually became a favourite of King Louis XIV, making it even more popular in France. It was used in medieval turret rooms to provide some ventilation to the soldiers, without sacrificing coverage. Eventually, the window treatment arrived in America, where it was mostly used in the deep South.

The American South is a hot and humid place, making it ideal for this type of window treatment. The area is populated with plantations and farms, thus the name we use today. Rich landowners in the area used the covering to help cool the home and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Today, this type of shutters is very popular for its unique look and excellent temperature control qualities.