How to Handle Emergency Plumbing Issue

Should you be faced with the sudden problem of a burst pipe or any other plumbing issue, it may lead to flooding and internal structural damage too. By the time the plumbers reach your home, extensive damage would already be done. The tips below will surely help you minimize the damage that might happen during this emergency situation.

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Shut off your taps

In this case it is therefore important to not only shut the main supply but also the other internal taps. The stored water in the pipes may add to the leak and cause more flooding otherwise. When the taps are shut off the damage will be minimal. Once you follow these tips and the plumbing emergency is brought under temporary control, you can have your plumbers find the actual source of the problem and fix it.

Open the drainage

When you are faced with the problem of a clogged sink or toilet bowl it is important to allow the water to flow out through another outlet. In some cases it may be necessary to open the drainage. Allow the clogged water to flow out before you shut off the main water supply. Thereafter, contact the plumbing services in your neighbourhood to identify the source of the clog.

Sometimes you may need to use a flange plunger to let the clogged water. Essentially, flange plungers create a vacuum thereby allowing the water to flow out through its normal route. However, if the reason of the clog is extensive accumulation of dirt or other solid particles, it will be necessary to clean the entire pipe way first before calling a plumbing service.

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