A Short List of Corporate Promotional Products to Avoid

Distributing corporate promo products is a fun and a beneficial experience for both the parties. The consumers love to get promotional gifts and the company earns a reputation, hopefully good, in the process.

However, it is very important to recognise and choose the right promotional product that your company can utilise to gain positive impressions from. It is not a highly complex process, but it is a little bit deeper than going online and choosing from tons of random products.

Avoid overseas promotional companies

Purchasing from a promotional merchandise company situated abroad should be your last resort. Instead, try and purchase promotional items Australia. Besides the fact that the Australian promotional products will be more apt to your consumer’s needs, buying from one the domestic companies entitles you to more legal protection than an overseas company.

The Trade Practices law in our country not only gives you product safety, but also provides that certainty and peace of mind you desire.

Avoid inferior quality promotional pens

Manufacturers sometimes tend to supply sub standard products in order to cut cost and corners. Not all are honest. Since they are so many parts of the pens, most look the same, but sometimes that is not the case. Pay close attention to the ink barrels in pens which sometimes contain less amount of ink or are either cut shorter. Also check for inferior quality materials used in construction by checking the belt clips, or just by slightly bending the pen to make sure of the overall plastic quality.

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