Real Estate Agent’s Responsibilities

Your real estate agent will be responsible in checking the authenticity of the buyer and advising you through the signing process. The legal department of the real estate agent service will go through the contract and clauses within it to advise you if any changes are required. Real estate agents always guide their clients on what to do at every step so as to limit the chance of fraud or problems.

As a property seller you would probably know what to expect from your property. However, since you aren’t a professional in the real estate market, you will not the true value of your property based on its size, location, condition and related features. You may ask Real estate agents as they have the experience and knowledge in this kind of matter.

A professional agent will always ask you what amount you expect from the sale of your property and then will advise you on what price to finally fix for the property based on the factors above. The real estate agent will also advise you to charge a realistic value for the property.

In some cases, real estate agents may advise their clients to refurbish the property at a nominal cost before selling it in order to increase its asking price. In this sense, your real estate agent service is also responsible to give you tips on increasing the value of your property. See

A public auction may not work for every kind of property; it is usually followed to sell large plots of land to corporate investors for development purposes. Small time or individual buyers and sellers usually transact through private transactions. At a public auction, a professional agent conducts the session and keeps asking for higher amounts on the property.