Reasons you may need Protein Powders even if you Consume Meat more than Once a Week

You look at the ripped bodies some of the models on the pin-ups have and you wish you could achieve the same look. So you go on daily workout activities and protein diet, which includes eating meat more than once a week. Still, the dream body eludes you and you give up, frustrated and disillusioned. What did you do wrong? Do not just rely on taking protein powders to lose weight. Have a daily exercise as well.

So is eating meat more than once a week enough?

The short answer is No. The amount of meat you eat in one sitting will only weigh around 0.6-0.8 oz and will provide about half to one third of your daily On protein powder intake. If you are a female athlete, you need to have two servings of 6oz meat to achieve your daily protein intake, and for male athletes the amount goes up to three servings of 7 to 11oz meat. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is the amount of lean meat you need to eat Daily and not just once or twice a week.

Protein powders and weight loss

Protein is low calorie method to lose weight, but if you are strictly on an all protein diet to lose the inches, you may want to consult your dietician before starting. Losing weight on a protein diet preserves lean body mass, making sure you do not lose muscle while shedding the pounds. Even for weight watchers, protein powders are a good way to load up on the daily required dose of proteins.

You can also indulge yourself on strenuous activities like water skiing if you want to lose weight.