Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Urns

Most people aren’t familiar with cremation urns because they’re used to the traditional way of burying their deceased loved ones. If you’re one of those people, you must consider looking at this option. These days, more and more people are turning to it. It’s a good thing you can familiarise yourself with these frequently asked questions:

  • What’s inside it?

Deceased people get reduced to ashes in a process called cremation then the remains are put inside the urn. Some people who anticipate their death would choose this method. You have the option of keeping the cremation urns at home as a form of remembering your deceased loved one.

  • Why is it more popular than the traditional method?

The main reason is cost. The cost of a casket and a funeral are heavy on the wallet. If you live in densely populated areas, you can expect even higher prices. In contrast, cremation urns are known to cost only a third of what you’ll spend on those things.


Another reason is the church has softened its stance on it. Before, they banned the method since they prefer the traditional way of burying the deceased. Nowadays, bishops can now perform a funeral mass even with the deceased getting represented by his cremated remains. Of course, you’ll still be the one to decide how you’d want to bid your final goodbyes to your recently departed loved ones.

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