Becoming a Real Estate Agent Eligibility Criteria

You must be solvent and free of any criminal records to be employed as a real estate agent. If some reason is found which bars you from possessing a real estate registration certificate you will not be considered for the profession.

Your name should not be included in the disqualified company directors list as mentioned in the “Corporation Act”.

In case you don’t have the citizenship of Australia you need to show an international passport that will verify your working visa. You need to take appropriate references from the “Department of Immigration and Citizenship”.

Training requirements of real estate agency

In case you hold a comparable agency license that you have acquired within the time frame of two years of your application you are not obligated to complete the full requirements of the real estate training course.

In other circumstances you need to successfully complete certain subjects under the property development and management training package in REIQ. The course must include information on how to control the implementation and monitoring of financial systems. There must be subjects dealing with property appraisal and risk management.

A Real estate Certificate will only be awarded to you if you have completed a course on expansion and establishment of a suitable client base and marketing property. There are other subjects in the course like providing management services, maintaining trust accounts, running personal marketing agendas, driving a property promotional campaign etc. Contact Adelaide mortgage brokers.

A real estate agent has to successfully handle lots of documentation so there is a separate subject dealing with preparation of documentation.