Job Responsibilities of Good Removalists

Are you seeking a job as a removalist? A reliable mover offers best service and ensures safe and secured move for the clients. Working as a mover is a rewarding job and yet challenging. He will pack the items, arrange the moving vans and deliver the belonging safely to a new house. The accident may occur at any point in time. As an efficient mover, he will take the responsibility and compensate the loss of goods, entirely or a partial amount. Unpacking good is an integral part of his job. However, his duty does not end here. There are moving companies who also help their customers to settle down in new homes altogether. Know about the remuneration, skills, duties and responsibilities of the best mover:

Details of your work:

As professional removalist, you may have to work in a team of two to five people including a driver. Before starting the job on the scheduled day, the team should take the details from the office and then travel in the van to the location. The first thing will be packing the belongings and then loading them into the delivery van safely. However, the procedures can differ according to the removal pickup trucks that are used for the purpose. For removing heavy furniture, you often have to dismantle huge home furniture, remove doorframes and also windows and so on. After packing is finished, you and your team drive to the new location as fast as possible. Then you have to unload the belongings and put them in the place exactly where your client wants.

Like many movers, you may go to the new location at least one or two days before the shifting date. The reason is to wrap as well as pack all the valuable and fragile objects like glass work, painting, and different artworks. Use individual wrapping as well as packing boxes to transmit the items via air flight or ship.

Working hours:

Usually, a mover works for thirty-seven to forty-two hours (approximately) in one week. At times, you have to work on weekends. At times, you may have to go abroad for interstate shifting that involves overnight stay in different hotels.

Criteria for starting career as a mover:

There is no formal requirement for qualification for seeking a job as a mover. However, employers expect that you are physically fit. In particular cases, employers often ask the job seekers to pass the medical test successfully. Most companies hire people who fall in the age group of 16 to 21. Experience in related areas like warehousing is often beneficial.


Many modern companies offer special training programs for the new recruits. Such kind of training is exempted for those who have already acquired requisite skills. As a beginner, you may get the chance to work alongside the senior professional during the training session. In this way, you can receive valuable tips and guidance from time to time. Few associations also have started training programs for budding movers. Starting from removal management, supervisory management to other different types training you will know everything. Thus, you can start your career with a bang.