Why Schools Conduct Field Trips?

School trips are the most cherished childhood memory for any child. Parents usually are reluctant to send their kids out with other children without any elder accompanying them. But in a school trip, there are teachers to take care of the group of kids. As a child, this is the best opportunity that he gets to go out with all of his friends together.

From a teacher’s point of view, school excursions help inculcate qualities that class room teaching falls short of. A general school excursion can be a one day visit to a museum, gallery etc or can be a weeklong trip to important historical places.

Fact reinforcement

School excursions Snowy Mountains help in reinforcing what the teacher has been teaching in class with the true thing. Students can believe what they learn is the factual real thing. When a child believes in something and sees it for real, he will retain it for a longer period and will understand it better.

Activities and engagements

Teachers usually conduct many activities, games and quizzes in the school trips. This brings out the regular classroom teaching into a more interesting environment. Sometimes, the marks and grades scored in activities conducted during the school trips are also used for final result evaluation.


In school excursions, the children are spared of the parental supervision. They find themselves free to do whatever they want. Though there is teacher supervision, still the children find it an opportunity to be themselves. This brings about a sense of responsibility in them.

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