Aspects to Consider when Buying Security Screen Doors

Security screens are essential for enhancing the safety of your house. Having it installed in your house gives you a peace of mind, When buying a security screen doors, there are aspects that you need to consider.

The quality of the mesh

Thicker metallic mesh spells well for the health of your security screen. The thickness of good quality mesh should be around 0.9 mm. You cannot really make out the quality or thickness of the mesh with your naked eyes so you have to rely on information provided by the manufacturer. Remember that an honest manufacturer selling standard high quality screens will have no reservations about supplying information related to features of his products like Security screen doors Brisbane

Resistance to dirt and grime

Some security screen doors have a system where the rainwater washes away all the dirt and dust particles’ on the surface of the screen. This way grime doesn’t accumulate at the edges and the screen becomes low maintenance.

The problem with dirt accumulation on security screens is that not only does this spoil the appearance of the screens but it also aids electrolysis which spoils the functioning. Whenever dissimilar metals get connected through the layer of grime and dirt electrolysis occurs.

Your security screen checklist

Look out for a screen which displays the Australian Standards Logo. This is the best way to be sure about the quality of the screen door. Check whether there is a proper warranty period for the screen and an accompanying instruction manual.

The grille of the screen should be strong with a high quality lock. Check the connection of the hinges to the frame as this will determine the strength of the screen. Make sure you do your homework before you make your final purchase.

For verstalility and customizable designs, choose frosted glass.


Flying insects are really irritating. To stop them from entering your house, install a fly screen.