Duties of a Seller’s Agent

Listing agents generally proffer representation to sellers of properties as opposed to buying agents that work on behalf of buyers. Although a thoroughbred estate agent can perform both the roles with equal panache, the position he ultimately takes is determined by the specific needs of his customers. If you have a home or property to sell, you’d invariably need to engage a property agent. A representative who works for a real estate agent services firm that excels in working both with buyers and sellers should be your man Friday.

Specific tasks of a seller’s agent

Real estate agents can help you with estimating the right value.

Like any home seller, you’d like your property to be sold at the earliest. You’d also wish that you end up getting the best possible price (according to current market rates), and that you’re able to go the whole hog without creating a fuss. That might be quite a tall order if you’re intending to go it all alone. It would be best to hire an experienced agent.

But engaging a listing agent from a real estate agent services company that has sufficient goodwill in the market will take the load off your back. Your agent will have a strong network of professionals backing him that’ll not only help you to get sincere buyers but also strike the best possible deal. He’ll be able to assist you in fixing up the right price for your home based on the sale value of other properties recently sold in your locality.

Real estate agents specialize in representing buyers searching for properties either commercial or residential. These agents will look for homes that correspond with your specifics. Check the Property sale portfolio.

You’ll be able to expedite your quest if you go for an agent who has sold homes in the specific neighbourhood or locality you intend to buy. He can give you valuable info about homes that you won’t find listed in newspapers classifieds or real estate portals.