Catering Equipments of Silverchef

Silverchef rent to buy operates on the principle that no single customer contributes to more than 1% of the revenue margin. A lot of risk is limited and the business has been growing exponentially since the last few years. Silver Chef’s minimum true value stands at AUD$12.

The target customers of Silver Chef are the newly opened franchisees of food retail brands like Dominos Pizza, Coffee club, Wendy’s, Subway etc. These customers are generally stable players and contribute regularly to the revenue bounty. There is the added advantage of positive Word of Mouth after being associated with strong brand names.

Range of equipment leased by Silver Chef

There are many categories of products like Beverage machines, coffee equipment, cooking equipment, displays, refrigeration, washing etc available for the lease-use-buy model of Silverchef. The beverages section consists of sushi machines, juicers, mixers, drink dispensers and milkshake makers.

The coffee section has a range of coffee grinders, vending machines and filters. Cooking equipment consists of char grills, cook tops, fryers, Bain Marie, chicken Rotisserie, gridles, Kebab equipment, oil filters, conveyors, toasters and Wok tables.

Kitchen displays include ambient displays; reach in systems, food bars and cold pie warmers. Food preparation items include food processors, dough rollers, stick blenders, mixers, slicers and packaging machines. Other hospitality storage products like stainless steel furniture, cupboards and other miscellaneous products.

Refrigeration items like bar, freezers, chest, upright blast chillers, under bench, ice dispensers and ice making machines are also provided.

Commercial cooking equipment has stores has a wide range of products, clients are sure to find a selection catering to their needs.