Benefits of Glass Kitchen Splash backs

Splash backs are architectural elements essentially used when there is water involved. Splash backs avoid damaged caused due to water on walls around kitchen sink, bathrooms, bath tubs etc. Splash backs help protect the walls under it and so help keep the house neat and tidy. You have the provision of building your own splash back too provided you are used to grout.

A number of different materials are used for making kitchen splash backs. But the most prominently used today is the glass kitchen splash back. Since its introduction in the market, glass kitchen splash backs have become very popular. Many people prefer these to other kitchen splash backs. This is because glass kitchen splash backs have a number of advantages.

Glass Kitchen Splash backs are easy to clean:

This is the most popular advantage of Splashbacks. They are very easy to clean. The reason is glass is resistant to water. So water just rolls off the glass surface and doesn’t form any water patches on the wall behind it. This protects the wall behind it from getting leaky and seeped with water and getting damaged. Also, stains, dirt and dust form a layer on the glass kitchen splash back. This can be easily cleaned with a cloth dipped in warm water. You can include a little cleansing soap liquid in the hot water to get better results while cleaning.

Glass Kitchen Splash Backs are easy to install and warranted:

Installing a glass kitchen splash back typically takes 8 to 10 days depending on the area to be covered. It can be installed conveniently as long as the wall it has to cover is smooth, protrusion free and doesn’t have any large gaping holes. There usually is a warranty of 4 years on all workmanship and color de-lamination.

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