Tattoo Removal Options Available

Getting that weird dragon tattoo on your biceps seemed like a cool idea back in college when you enrolled in a punk rock band. But now that you are an adult and a working professional in a strict corporate environment, the tattoo suddenly seems rather uncool. But there is no way you can remove it for it is meant to be permanent. Tattoo removal machines can effectively wipe out your tattoos.

These tattoo removal services are done by professionals and are different from ineffective lotions and creams which claim to erase your tattoos.


Often also referred to as cryotherapy, this freeze burning technique, used during major gynaecological surgeries, targets the tattooed area of your skin and freeze burns the skin through application of liquid nitrogen. This technique is effective against skin lesions, wart treatment and other kinds of skin problems.


Tattoo removal techniques may make you end up with scars, the commonest side effect. But scarification of this kind is also a type of body modification and that is why scarification is used to remove your tattoos.

You may have heard of chemical peels that remove the upper layers of the skin. Similarly, in scarification, the tattoo remover uses an acid solution to erase your ink body art. This will result in the development of a scar in the affected portion and this scar will conceal the remaining ink in the skin pigments.

If you want to avoid a scar, choose a laser tattoo removal.