How the Termite Colony Builds

Worker Termites are the largest group and are tasked with foraging for food, often travelling to large areas in their search. They feed on dead wood and partially digest it to regurgitate a milky liquid that is sustenance for the larvae, soldiers, king and queen.

They construct and maintain the nests to shelter the colony, taking care of aspects like ventilation systems and tunnels. Part of their duties is caring for the young ones. They transport the larvae to the brood chambers, and care for them. See Building inspections Southern Tablelands

Soldier termites

Their lives are dedicated to protect the colony and their bodies are designed to fulfil that purpose. They have very large heads and enormous jaws, called mandibles for which to fight off ants. Unfortunately, the mandibles make it impossible for them to feed themselves.

When ants attack the colony, the soldiers block the openings with their heads and stop their enemies from entering. Moreover, they warn their comrades by tapping their heads against the nest’s wall as an alarm.

Colonies usually have a small number of soldiers of the huge termite population, and the figure is different according to the type of termite and conditions inside the colony.

Termites cause such a huge problem because of behaviour known as swarming, often termites separate from their birth colony to start new ones in another part of your house. Soon, you will have two residing termite colonies eating up your home.

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