Facts and Information about Termites

Termites have inhabited the earth since prehistoric times and have been chipping away on wood for ages. Termites are ravenous feeders munching on decayed trees and plants, wood chips, housing structures, furniture, books, shelves, and wooden furniture. It is estimated that termites cause annual damages amounting to $2 billion! Stakeholders in property and real estate transactions should apprise themselves about termites through pest inspections Southern Tablelands.

Astounding facts about facts

Termites cause more damage to homes and properties than fires, floods, hurricanes, and storms do in unison. Termites eat round the clock without taking a break for up to two years so you can estimate their destructive potential. Queen termites have a life expectancy of almost ten years.

If all termites and human beings are weighed up separately, termites would win hands down. Most pest inspections Sydney have unanimously concluded that termites are capable of chewing down the wooden roofs and walls of a newly built house in three months flat. Many unguarded homes are currently exposed to termite attacks and infestations

Detecting damages

Homes and properties that have interior structures like walls or floors made of softwood are more vulnerable to being infested and overrun by termites. You can detect termite damage behind walls and beneath floors, behind scalded paint peelings, under wallpapers, on windowsills and ledges by tapping a heavy and sharp object like a screwdriver onto the surface. If the object easily penetrates through, there is a termite colony at work. Most homeowner insurance policies do not provide cover for termite damage.