How To Choose The Best Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is one of the best flooring for your house. Apart from its natural look, this floor is easy to lean and maintain. However, there are so many fake imitations of these floors out there, at it would be advisable for one to look out for them and avoid falling a victim to them. To some people a floor is just a floor, but for those who understand what the best has in store, to them, a floor is not just a floor, unless it is a wooden floor.

How does original timber floor look like?

The natural timber flooring should have grains. These grains should all be going towards the same direction. Despite that artificial timber floor may also have grains, the only way to differentiate one from the other is that the original one has some rough feelings when you rub your fingers against the grain. On the other hand, the artificial wooden floor is smooth. Here one should be very careful especially when buying a ready-made house, for this is where one can easily get duped.

If in any way you are constructing your house from scratch, then make sure you also check out the floor, since some constructors may decide to use fake timber flooring so as to pocket the balance. A careful look at the floor material will be able to reveal to you if you have the right one. Timber floor is normally made in easily connectable wood slabs. This slabs are easy to recognize if they are natural wood or not.

How do you make the best choice?

There are two types of timber, the soft timber and the hard timber. The first one, does not last for long and wears easily. The second type of wood is the most preferable for its long lasting features. Hardwood comes in many types, from teak, camphor to Mahogany, it also has a higher price. One needs to get to understand how to make the right choice. For example, hardwood is darker in most cases than soft wood. The coloration may be brown or mid-brown. Though some hardwood may be lighter and look like soft-wood. To make sure that you have the right one, always chose the darker ones.

You can ask for the sample of the plank to make a confirmation if you have the right type of wood. A standard hardwood is compact and heavier than the soft wood. You can also use some sharp tool to scrub the surface of the sample just to make sure that it’s not soft wood painted brown. The inside of the wood will remain brown or mid-brown, but if it’s not the right one, then the inside will give out a lighter color.

Lastly, you can go further and scratch the sample. If it peels with ease, then definitely, this would be soft timber. Hard wood does not peel off easily. If one is careful when either constructing or buying a house, so as to get a lasting and the best timber flooring of their dream.

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