How to Avoid Pitfalls with Vehicle Signage

No Vehicle Signage

Any successful business owner will tell you that the crux of a profitable business is proper marketing and advertising. Small business owners try their level best to inform business partners, vendors, colleagues and acquaintances about their products, services and business.

And because public memory is short, you have to keep reminding them about your business’ existence again and again. When your company vehicle sports an attractive LED signage, it acts as a kind of conversation starter or reminder. Using your vehicle to advertise your business and contact details is one of the best possible ways of giving your business a much needed exposure.

All people turn to look at colourful Vehicle signage Sunshine Coast when they are stuck at a signal, thus allowing your business plenty of exposure. If you have a home based small business, instead of automobile signage you can use temporary magnetic signs on your cars.

Ineffective Contrast

Blue signage on a white coloured truck or white fonts on a dark coloured truck will catch attention easily and will also be readable. If you are unsure of your planned colours, look at them both at night-time and in sunlight.

Ineffective Font

Fancy script fonts such as Freestyle Script, British script or Blackadder may look tempting to use, but they are difficult to make out on a moving vehicle. To ensure proper comprehension from a distance, stick to clean, easy, professional-looking, uncomplicated and bold fonts such as Times New
Roman, Verdana or Arial.

Vehicle Wraps

Brushes should never be used irrespective of whether you’re washing by hand or giving your vehicle an automated wash. Using a brush will obliterate the gloss of the laminate or abrade the graphics of vehicle wraps.

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