Things to Keep in Mind when Creating Training Videos for your Office Staff

A lot of companies regularly use corporate videos during training sessions to make the modules more exciting and user-friendly. After all, people do remember more when they see a dynamic presentation rather than go through pages of a training brochure. The process is easy, simple and extremely appealing. You can hire professionals or do your own video production. If opting for DIY mode, do keep in mind a few vital areas that can influence the effectiveness of your training video.

Length of the Video

A painfully long training video; crammed with pedantic information is guaranteed to put most of your staff to sleep. The basic purpose of having a video is to offer a smart and dynamic presentation to your staff. Including too much of details on each and every subject or cramming every concept you can think of will hardly do justice to that. You must edit as much as you can without sacrificing the core concept. Begin with the script; go through it repeatedly; have someone read it out and try to visualize how the film flows. Rewrite sections to trim the extras such as sections that apply to only a handful of staff or unnecessary details on company history.

The Layout

Layout is what makes or mars a video. Long videos with unending sections are really quite boring and ineffective. Change the layout instead and break the content into different sections. While the entire video should have a seamless appeal, there should be appropriate breaks in-between too. This will make the video more watchable and easy to remember.