Helpful Guide for Buying a Wake Board

Wakeboards come in different shaped edges and ends. As a beginner, use a wakeboard that has square edges and a single tip. A square-edged wakeboard allows for more stability and control and is perfect for those who are just learning the tricks of the game.

A single tip wakeboard is suitable as it is best for rides in one particular direction only (as a novice, you will find it difficult to change directions midway through the water). Experts prefer wakeboards with rounded edges and twin tips. Hyperlite wakeboards can provide you such boards that are suitable for performing complicated tricks, jumps and complex landings. You can also try kneeboards.


The rocker in a wakeboard indicates how the board angles or curves at the ends. A board with a higher rocker has a curvier bottom that allows easier jumping and landings. Boards with lower rockers have a flatter bottom that allows more control on the board and better acceleration through the water.

Rocker design can also be continuous or spread out in three parts. A continuous rocker provides more cushioning while landing and more height during jumps.

A spread out rocker has three different sections that meet at angles. The central piece is curvier while the adjacent sections are angular. Such a rocker provides more momentum although the landings are rougher.


Fins are steering and tracking apparatus located on the underside of the wake board. Fins are either screwed-in or moulded onto the board at the factory itself. Larger fins provide better stability for beginners and also in rough weather. Smaller and thinner fins are more suitable for experts and in fair weather conditions.

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