Important Things to Consider When Selecting Designs for A Service Oriented Website

When you are in the service industry your website will be your most important marketing tool. This is because the service industry deals dependently on direct customer experience as compared to manufacturing and product industry. Here are some tips that will help you select the right set of graphics and designs for your website.

Interactive features

Choose a website design that has a blog inbuilt into it apart from an interactive consumer feedback system. The more enriched consumer experience you provide the more likely it is that customers will be willing to stick to your service offerings. Include a problem resolution section and a section which offers advice about topics that are related to your services. For example if you are running a beauty salon then you can include a section which offers free advice on how to do makeup and how to maintain skin and hair quality at home. Talk to the team of website designer you have hired for incorporating interactive features into your website.

Call for action

The most important part of any service website should be the call for action. Powerful graphic design images that demonstrate the fact that it will be beneficial and productive for the customers to invest in your services now should be included in your website. A sense of urgency and a need for immediate action should be projected. You will have to use words like “sale”, “discount”, “buy now”, “early bird offer”, limited period offer”, “call now”, “book now” etc. It’s important that your website design be professional and efficient as this will have a direct impact on your sales.


In order to come up with the best web design, you need to have all the necessary design softwares. This is a crucial part for a web development.