Wedding Dresses: Classic Styles that Flatters the Body

To look amazing on your special day, make sure to find the perfect dress. Aside from finding a cut or style that flatters your figure, it’s essential to feel comfortable whilst wearing it. To help you find that look, here are some wedding dresses that can enhance your figure:

Column Dress

For brides who want to exude simplicity and elegance during their big day, why not opt for a column dress? This features a long, slim silhouette that perfectly adheres to the body’s natural shape. Because it doesn’t flare out unlike other styles, this garment makes for a sleeker and slender figure. This shows off your curves nicely without baring too much skin.

For those with an athletic figure, especially those with great shoulders and a sculpted back, this might just be the gown for you. This is also great for individuals with a straight or hourglass figure.

A-Line Dress

A fitted bodice that gently flares down, is the centre of attraction for this impeccable style. This is a good choice for all body types. However, it should be noted that this style perfectly complements pear-shaped women since it can provide balance and structure. The silhouette can even lend a soft touch since it highlights other features, such as the shoulders and curves.

Empire Wedding Dress

An empire waist gown is especially flattering for women with slightly thicker waists. This can easily highlight your curves because this type of silhouette tends to flow a bit more freely. This piece is a popular choice amongst brides because it can fit most body types.

Dropped Waist Dress

Amongst all of these styles, the dropped waist gown has got to be the most contemporary. This chic and minimal gown highlights how the outline carefully drops to your body. Many brides who choose to showcase their gorgeous hourglass figure often go for this piece, since this can accentuate curves.

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