Window Cleaning Service

People working with professional window cleaning services can clean up your windows twice as fast and will charge you a very reasonable amount for all the hassles they will undertake. When a group of neighbours in the same residential block hires a particular contractor, everybody gets a group discount which helps save money.

Services Included

There are very few window cleaning services who will clean the interior side of the window or who will wash the flyscreens or wipe down the dust on the framing. Before hiring a window cleaning company, talk to them and find out which services are included in their fee and which aren’t.

Reputable window cleaners should offer the services mentioned above, but to prevent a miscommunication later on, it is wise to get a clarification about their services beforehand.

Some companies offer a customised package that includes other services such as cleaning and repairing frames and tracks, solar shades, solar panels, gutters, patio shades, replacement of frames, tracks, gutters, lighting fixtures, window tint and screen door repair. Many of these companies will also clean out your chandeliers and mirrors against a small fee.


Window cleaning can be a dangerous job, especially in skyscrapers. Always ask for proof of insurance before blindly hiring any company specialising in window cleaning services. Without this insurance, you may be held financially liable for any work injury or accidental death taking place on your premises.

Savings in money

Going into a contract with window cleaners will work out cheaper than cleaning them yourself on a long term basis.

It is important to clean your windows especially if you always use air conditioners.

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