Things you Didn’t Know about Residential Window Tints

Every homeowner who has installed residential window tints has thanked his/her stars for the discovery of this nifty device which enhances comfort and reduces electricity bills all in one shot. However, despite the huge popularity enjoyed by these tints there are a lot of misconceptions floating about in the market which sometimes stop people from making proper use of the product or buying it.

Ammonia causes purple films

Ammonia will actually destroy the scratch coat on the window film leaving it vulnerable to attack of the outside elements. Liberal ammonia sprays if applied regularly will cause the scratch layer to slowly disintegrate and you will see the tint turning milky. Many people think that the window tinting is turning purple but this is entirely untrue. The exception to this phenomenon will happen only if you purchase a specially manufactured ammonia resistant window film.

Window tints are never installed outside

Most people mistakenly assume that these tints are installed outside the windows like a protective layer but this is not true. All window tints are installed in the inside part of the window. It is only because workmen measure the outside of the window for getting the exact measurements before installation, that people assume that a tint is layered outside the window.

Lastly, window tints increases your privacy at home

Your French windows at home are probably large, airy and let in a lot of light. The problem is that because of its large surface area it allows a lot of people to catch a glimpse of your drawing room or other rooms where you might have these windows installed. If you hate being the cynosure of curious eyes and would like to protect the sanctity and privacy of your home then tinted window films are a great option. The tints will increase your privacy quotient by more than 50%. Remember to consult your family members before calling the Window tinting. These window tints will reduce the amount of light entering your home too.

Aside from window tints, you may also use external shutters.