Work Injury Damage Claims

It is mandatory for every worker in Australia to take out workers’ compensation insurance. Workers compensation to a statutory system of compensation for injury sustained at the workplace or due to your work. This compensation will include medical costs and the weekly wages of the worker in question.

‘Damage’ is when a court is involved in making sure that an award to given to the injured person. When you (the employee) claim work injury damage, you will give up your right to workers compensation benefits.

How do I claim?

Once contacted, you may hire Villari Lawyers for them to fill your application for damage claims after determining the extent of your injury. It is important to get proper medical advice to confirm that you have 15% whole person impairment.

At first, most of the complaints are heard out of court. The Workers Compensation Committee mediates the proceedings and attempts to solve the issue. If this fails, the work injury damage claim will be heard by a District Court.

The amount of the claim differs from person to person. The court will arrive at a sum after studying your future and past economic loss. The future economic loss will be calculated up till the age of your retirement (when you will be entitled to receive a pension).

If you can prove 15% whole person impairment, and you and your lawyer feel that you will receive a larger sum through a court award that through your workers’ compensation package, work injury damage claims would be beneficial.

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