What Are The Common Falling Accidents In Workplace?

Structures may get affected by the change in weather or other internal problems like water seepage. These damages may affect the strength of the structure or result in sudden cracks of falling debris.

This may cause severe harm to employees working within the premises. As a precaution, it is the responsibility of the management to ensure that every crack or damage is repaired in time. A protocol should be put in place whereby support staff is trained to keep an eye out for potential structural damages and report it as soon as they notice any.

Open pits or drains and shafts

Another common risk leading to falls may be open drains or shafts within the office or right outside its premises. Open drains or shafts could be a result of repairmen’s negligence or ongoing repair work.

Either way, it is important to either put up warning signs to prevent falls or at least to cordon off the area during office hours. Employees may not only face the risk of falling in, their cars may get affected if these open connections are on the main roadway or parking space area.

Using equipments in a wrong way

This may potentially affect the repairmen and also the staff while they go about their normal routine. It is important for managerial staff to note down important checklists for repair and maintenance staff to follow. This can help prevent accidents and falls at the workplace.

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